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Anas fulvigula Duck-like birds are usually seen swimming. Many of the male ducks are distinct in bold patterns. While female ducks dress in modest grays and browns. Notice the dark-body with creamy face to ensure that this duck is not a Mallard or Black Duck . The male Mottled Ducks have bright yellow biills, females […]

I’m Not Perfect by Matty Angel I’m not perfect…I make mistakes all the time, I say sorry when I can Try to accept when I’ve wronged. I do my best with forgiveness, Letting go of the past… I love all I can And treat each person as a treasure I don’t mean to be this […]

The White Ibis

Some birds mind their own business, unless necessity demands coexisting with the others. The White Ibis are often seen secluded or positioned at a far distance.

Sometimes forages in dry fields and shallow waters.
It stands still waiting for prey to approach.
Last young to hatch may starve.

Common Gallinule (Gallinula galeata) Family to Rails, Gallinules and Coots. Active and colorful are great descriptions for the Common Guillinule. It is a noticeable and attractive bird. The Common Gallinule has other names: Moorhen American Moorhen Laughing Moorhen Common Moorhen Florida Gallinule Black Gallinule They are never far from water, swimming and picking at the […]