Beach Day at Blue Lagoon Island

Firstly, I am happy when I reflect on Sunday, April 30.  This day was a getaway for my daughters’ thirteenth birthday.  It was a good day for which I got many thank you kisses. Throughout the day these expressions of my daughters’ appreciation and love for this outing disarmed me and made this choice of a birthday gift quite appeasing.

It began at 8:30 am as we boarded Blue lagoon Island and Dolphin Encounters ferry-boat.  The ride from Paradise Island to Blue Lagoon Island lasted approximately 20 minutes. The sea not completely calm, encouraged the boat operator to sedate each passenger with a much slower boat ride. Moving further and further away from the populated Paradise island. To quickly pick up speed, awakening itself, and creating new wakes as it moved into open water.  Exhilarated passengers listened to the breeze, whilst passing luxury properties surrounded by manicured lawns,  as well as private luxury boats parked in cozy marinas or coves. Also displayed along the shoreline, where many homes and condos each arrayed with secluded beaches.

Sea waves, languished with splashes upward to properly awaken us all, as they selectively introduced themselves to some of the people on top deck. The surprise of being awakened with cold salt water lead to a scurry to release plastic canvases that separated these passengers from any further attacks. My party sat in the back seats viewing the clamoring of these passengers as they surveyed the deck for dry seats. This surprise was soon forgotten with the added views of extravagant, newly built homes, that decorated the western seaside tip of Paradise Island like Christmas tree ornaments.  Just mesmerizing!

Next a smooth turn into the lagoon with suppressed excitement for an awesome day.  What beautiful weather and the awe of what’s left to discover!

Activities to pick or chose or refuse. Hammocks, Segway tours, nature trails, paddle boards, paddle boats, Dolphin, stingrays and sea lions to observe or encounter; snorkel rentals and much more. Only the strong could ignore. Inadvertently, this trip gave me a much-needed break so I actually opted to lay in the hammock all day. At times I wondered about to observe the girls or see the island for myself. They swam to play in the water park and lagoon area. Later on, they learned how to steer and stay aboard a paddle board for the very first time. It wasn’t as easy as it looked to these two adventurers. Meanwhile, I had my first breakaway for this 2017 year.

This day was perfect!

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