This is the view from the interior of my car.  What a revelation, to see a rooster sitting on a fence in the neighborhood nearby my daughter’s school. Usually hemmed in tight within my own thoughts I abruptly stopped talking to let out an exclamation of pure delight.  My surroundings are often told to me by my “eagle eye” daughter.  What a privilege it was to see this carefree bird first.  My daughter was also tickled. Line after line of parents passed by it in their vehicles.  Unperturbed this rooster was pretty cool to me. I felt that it sent a pretty good message to me:


We immediately slowed down, hoping not to cause its flight.  This bird just stared back into our eyes with no surprise. Wow! I wonder why I was afraid for its well-being as it was somewhat fearless.  The seriousness of the morning was lost.  We continued our journey merrily discussing how awesome it was to see that fearless bird!


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